Ralph Lauren’s open space…

Ralph Lauren’ recently renovated Fifth Avenue duplex, where he and his wife Ricky live, is chic and minimalist. Lauren was motivated by the idea: “simple, almost primitive desire for clean, open space.”

“The changes were subtle, but important,” he says. “They really modernize the apartment.” These “subtle” changes involved completely gutting the space and starting from scratch. The renovations were so intense that Ralph, laughingly admits that he had to go to the hospital for two days to rest.

The well known designer’s routine: …“to come home, have dinner, and watch TV. In the mornings he works out in his “nice playroom,” the gym located off the kitchen.  “This apartment was not made for entertaining–though we certainly have entertained here,” he says. “It was made for a more private life.”
“It’s exactly what we needed as an escape from our hectic lives.”

What we love about Ralph Lauren’s loft: the bookshelves with stacked instead of lined books and magazines, the clean white walls, unique art (note the Batman painting above), the black carpeting with red highlights in chairs and decor. And, we love that the style icon comes home, has dinner, and watches Tv. Sound familiar?

Photos: William Abranowicz for Elle Decor
Article source: Elle Decor

One response to “Ralph Lauren’s open space…

  1. His place is so chic, yet elegant…love this look 🙂 xo ~ Tresors De Luxe!

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