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Rome Delights the Eye

Check out the beautiful architecture from one of the most traveled-to cities in the world… Rome.

With this wondrous city being a major tourist attraction and inhabited by millions of residents, space here, of course, is at a premium.  (About $5,000 a month for something really nice…)

If you love art, this is the place to live. As a neighborhood, Piazza Navona’s atmosphere is full of artistry, small boutiques, restaurants and bars, street cafes, and a mix of all age groups. The beauty in architecture refreshes the eye.

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Unique room ideas….

When in search for the unique, make a stop at for some neat furnishing ideas…at reasonable prices.  Here this wood upholstered sofa is an artistic design design with a diamond theme, the symbol of unity. The pattern is set imperfectly…which makes it perfect.  The dark hardwood legs are 19th century design.

Add the Gothic Arched Console Table…

a few Chinese garden stool to add a touch of the Orient, we like the silver…
and one Mosaic Mirror sconce…
This is metal with multiple mirrors and a tapered candleholder…a lovely accent sure to be a conversation piece.

All from….a favorite place to shop.

The allure of carpeting….?

Okay, so you need to spice up that room?  Why walk on something dull and everlasting, when you can hit the scene in your designer shoes or sneakers by walking on these.  Also, instant conversation pieces to any ‘ol gathering….

Ah, keep your drinks in the kitchen please….

Sunny side up? This last one looks so soft…bare toes only….search for more unusual alluring rugs at Unusual Things and Web Urbanist.

A Lovely City Escape

Suzanne Rheinstein is a Los Angeles based designer and proprietor of Hollyhock.  While always based on the west coast, Suzanne “for decades pined for a proper Manhattan apartment.”

“We adore our house in L.A.,” she says. “It’s very forgiving and full of wonderful family treasures. But for New York, I wanted something a little more city, a little more stylized. And I wanted the palette to be a little more calm.”

What we love: The Louis XVI mirror found at an auction with the 18th century French Provincial columns.  The iron beds by Hollyhock with cotton-silk canopies and curtains.  The Italian (left) and French side tables add interest.

Source: Elle Decor

Apartment Style

Michael Kors is even ultra chic at home in this stylish apartment with a black and white look, here with masculine and feminine touches from the popular fashion designer seen on Project Runway.

What we love: The zebra carpet, clean spaced black and white kitchen with island stools, and the furry pillows and throws.

Living Unique

Express your unique personality by featuring furniture in your apartment that’s more like a piece of art. Today we’ll focus on some wondrous sofa finds, like this Beautiful Backside by designer Doshi Levien. This couch, in many other fashionable colors, is a combination of wool fabrics and felt. Gold and silver foiling on the pillows add an elegant touch.

Feeling wild? Try out this panther sofa to express this side of your…nature. This design is by master upholsterer, Rodolfo Raocchetti.

This vegetative sofa offers a unique expression in shades of green, for the chef in all of us. It’s soft and comfortable too, designed by Christian Vivanco.

Want a bit of the outside on the inside? How about living in this piece of art. This brick-like sofa and ottoman would be quite the conversation piece.

A sofa that speaks style…we are just not sure what kind. This Orikami Sofa is shape-less in design featured in white leather and chrome. Save up for this one: $8,160.00.




Modern Inspiration

Fashion designer Donna Karan’s Central Park West apartment is “zen modern” inspiration.

“My home celebrates my family and friends, art and culture, and it holds the memories that are a part of who I am,” says Donna Karan.

Ms. Karan’s fall fashion is predominantly black which we see as a reflection of her sleek black and white interior space.

What we love:  The use of photography are, framed, standing in wide curtain-less windows in dining room and bath, the ladder towel rack in last photo, large artworks that practically span entire walls, and large cushioned window seats.

Via: Habitually Chic

Gwyneth’s Manhattan Loft

Oscar winning actress, Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Tribeca loft is softly inspiring. Filled with marble and chic design, it is romantic, yet has a sense of not being too “pretty”, comfortable to both sexes. Her fab kitchen was featured in the August issue of Vogue this past summer, where she shared her cooking stories and promoted her new cook book, due out in the spring.

This lush apartment was designed by Roman and Williams. Here we have more photos from and TheHappyHomeBlog.

The living room swing couch…gorgeous!

Apple’s bedroom.

The kitchen….love the marble, the soft curtain panels over french windows.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Vogue magazine, August 2010 issue. Photo: Mario Testino.

Via: My Luscious Life