Fish Motif Design

Add a unique theme to your decor…for some reason I’m inspired by fish motif designs this week…If you love fish and the inspiration they provide consider some of the following designs for your apartment.

…like this Blue Lagoon bathroom design by artist David Miller found at

Nomad Rugs Fish Runner Oriental Rug for $1250.

White fish vase found at This Next.

Fish and Water Replica Tiffany Lamp on bronze base. $406
at Caesar Studios.

Painting: The Flying Fish 1 by J. Vincent Scarpace at I Paint

“Waterdance” dinnerware from Mottahedeh. Can be found at

Apartments I

2 responses to “Fish Motif Design

  1. I am asking websites not to feature J. Vincent Scarpace art. This artist received our money for 2 paintings in August 2012. He has failed to deliver the paintings, even after dozens of emails and promises that he would. Unfortunately, he delayed us long enough to get through the time period for refunds from Paypal, so we had no recourse to get our money back. He continued to make excuses, even dragging his young son into the excuses, which I found in very bad taste. He has duped many people out of their money.

    • Sandy, so sorry you had trouble with this artist. I don’t know him personally but found his work online. Thank you for your comments. I must say that I hope Mr. Scarpace will step it up with customer service in the future.

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