Fun Decor for Kids’ Rooms

Love this company 95% Danish with the unique products and decor that they offer, especially for kids’ rooms.

The AlphaArt Individual letters come in bright upper case and lower case with some punctuation there too for creative fun, design, and learning.

Throw pillows are a comfortable way for kids to use the floor and enjoy their own space. Featured here is the Kids Pillow in Dotty Lavender.

For the younger babes: the Owl Music Mobile.

…and Creative Wall Stickers in 3 Owls pattern in Brown. Also comes in turquoise, red, and violet.

Consider doing one wall in washable wallpaper for creative interest. Here: Rush Hour in light blue and petrol…

…and love this Animal Farm wallpaper in white and green. Check 95% Danish for information and pricing on these items. All images via the website.

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One response to “Fun Decor for Kids’ Rooms

  1. Thank you so much for blogging about children’s room decor. Take a look at my blog for some more vinyl wall decal ideas.

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