More Retro Living

When considering a unique style in your new apartment, or redoing your old, why not consider going retro? It’s fun, funky, and make a statement. Here a sample of a totally fresh look with a 60s feel. Grandma’s old furniture never looked so good.

Absolutely love, love this room! Vintage living room with a framed Hermes scarf via 2nd Floor Living.  The framing of a cool scarf is a great and easy art idea. Love the numerous colored throw pillows too.

A cool store with awesome retro collectables: Old Values.  Love this picture of inspiration found at their website.

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3 responses to “More Retro Living

  1. Always nice to see anothers opnion.

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  3. Aaaah – framing an Hermes scarf!!! no way, I will rather wear it myself (just joking 🙂
    The second room is amazing – I love the natural flow of the space, achieved through the use of similar colours, despite the fact that in the second room there is pattern wallpaper, and in the first – plain painted wall. Great example on how colour can visually unite the space.

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