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Rich Interiors

The exquisite interior design team of Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli are showcasing a new book, out this month at Rizzoli. Their unconventional design style is elegant and magical. Check out a few other interiors.


Images via Elle Decor

The Freedom to Blush

One of my favorite color choices, what I call blush, which I’m finding is more like a warm pink, or pinky-beige, if their is such a thing, is inspiring me for the past two days after finding this Alice Lane bedroom with my friends at  Nest Design Studio. This was the color theme for my wedding twenty years ago this month and I find in decor this color sets a tone for warmth, romance, and relaxation.

My favorite flower, the peony, with a hint of blush color.

Lisa Vanderpump, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has a stunning neutral shaded mansion, and I love this chaise lounge.

Add a touch of blush with this Jonsbo Table lamp from Ikea. $19.99

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Moving Made Easy

Big question mark…? I moving ever easy? In our busy lives moving can be a huge headache, especially if you are moving to a new area, state, or even to another country.

Really, is moving ever fun? Stressful, worrisome, and generally a life-altering pain in the butt is more how I define moving, yet, if you find some useful resources with ideas and advice, it can be less painful, less worrisome, less stressful, and less of a pain in the butt. (Life-altering it will always be no doubt!)

If you are lucky enough to be moving to a new apartment or house in the local area, the same city perhaps, just a new fresher location, moving can be pretty easy. A few years ago when we moved we created our own “slow-move” plan, as I like to call it. We packed one room at a time and moved it each day by loading up our Jeep a couple times. It was almost fun. Upon arriving at the new location, we’d unload the boxes and I’d unpack them, placing the contents into their new living space. This was especially useful with the books and bookshelves. Then we’d take the boxes back and refill them.

This was great for the kitchen too. All the pots and dishes slowly made their way to the new family center of life where I unloaded as they came in. Suddenly, my new kitchen was organized, the shelves full, and almost ready to go. Food, and the coffee maker, came last, of course.

Most of us, however, can’t do this “slow-move” plan. So I’ve found some useful sources to make moving a breeze, yes, and as stress-free as possible. Hope you find them enjoyable.

First to check out, loaded with links is Moving Made Easy at Apartments i Like. Here you will find moving tips, packing tips, professional mover resources, packing supplies and many other features.

From there, Life has an awesome Moving Checklist to follow with what to do from three months before your move to the day you do it.

Also check my image sources for this post: and

Raspberry Splash

Who’s afraid of a little raspberry pink in their apartment? Okay, so maybe you answered “me!” but consider some of the subtle touches (yes, I said “subtle” even though it’s considered an outstanding color) that can be applied to your living space. Or just enjoy the idea of it…like I do. My house is totally ivory on white with shades of brown and chartreuse. How I would love to create a new space with a touch of raspberry! Love this raspberry velvet chair itself. The wall I could perhaps do without. Too Pepdol Bismal for me. Image via Decor Pad.

Zoe Raspberry wallpaper with Willow Tree paint combo for a creative wall space. Via Dulux

via: HGTV

Raspberry Blast Tiffany Table lamp via Lamps on the Web.

photo:Gary Friedman/LA Times

Have a delicious raspberry drink on me…
Lambeth Lemonade

1  3/4 oz. Gin
1 oz. Lillet
1/4 oz. Raspberry syrup
Top with Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

Add first three ingredients in a cocktail glass and stir. Top with bitter lemon. Garnish with a lemon wedge and fresh raspberries. Enjoy!

via: Cocktail Culture

photo: Garden.Love to Know

Carly Chair via Poshtots

Finally, consider a splash of color on the floor with this Starlet Twilight Raspberry rug from Express Rugs

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Lisbon, Portugal a canvas trio (via RL Photography)

The photography is beautiful…as well as the architecture…and great wall decor!

Lisbon, Portugal a canvas trio If you are looking for a great way to dress up your empty white walls here is just the thing! These three images from Lisbon, Portugal are on 1 1/2″ canvas. The sides are painted black to create a framed effect. No framing necessary. Hangs on the wall with just one nail! Just pop them on the wall and your decorating is done! All of these are available on my website http://www.rebeccaplotnick.comRead More

via RL Photography

Glassware exploration

With a final chip this past weekend, actually a crack down the entire glass, my last set of six is now a five, to go with my sets of four that are down to three, which leads me today to explore glassware options. It’s time for a new every day set, and a new guest set. Although I enjoy the possibilities of serving drinks in a variety of stemware or glassware, the symmetry of the set table can be frightening if the glasses don’t match…at least in style if not size. My endeavor led me to my favorite company for glassware, Libbey. Most of their collections are made in the USA or Mexico, which is great. And very reasonably priced. Above is the Argyle Glassware set – 12 piece at $19.99. Here are a few other choices I like:

The Classic Mocha Rocks set which remind me of my mother’s back in the 70s. Love the retro look and feel of these. On the order list. 4 piece – $11.99

The perfect Goblet Party Set. 12 glasses in the set, symmetry for the table is satisfied! $27.99


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Stephanie Hoppen Books

Here are some books I can’t live without. I go back to them again and again for their timeless ideas and inspiration. All by Stephanie Hoppen.

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Chandelier Fascination in Bedrooms

My fascination with chandeliers continues as I consider them for my own bedroom this week. I’ve been looking at Murano glass ones, a statement of luxury, that need not be limited to grand scale homes, but can work well in smaller apartment spaces if displayed right. They can be an instant conversation piece in any room, of course, but let’s look at some bedrooms.

Love this stunning blue Murano glass chandelier and the beautiful contrast it provides in this soft white room.

Cute room (note the zebra carpet featured on previous post) and the chandelier of Murano glass adds to it. Not crazy about the wall decals, but otherwise it’s an eclectic mix of creativity.

Much as I like the Murano glass, I have to say that this stylish gold chandelier would suit my space more. This smaller style sets off the white pure space. (Love the fringy-furred throw over the bed also).

And I’ve always loved the idea of bedside chandeliers. This image from Living Etc. is lovely and expressive for a guest room perhaps.

This image shows how side-table chandeliers can be hung from wall sconces. Great idea.
All images shown are via Apartment Therapy.

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Zebra Stripes don’t scare me…much

I have to decorate a flat white apartment and the tenant wants to keep the place as monochromatic as possible. I threw in some Zebra pillows and she went crazy…with happiness! We tend to see animal prints as a dangerous turn in decorating or even in fashion, and I admit it does take a fearless spirit to wear this bold choice, either on our bodies or in our homes. The photo above, love this room, is from Home Decorating Trends.

Nice touch in a corner of a the bedroom: a splash of zebra print on a fashionable seat.

I must have this chair…found at Design Ties.

I harbor an incredible affection for Italian Murano glass and these Vivarini Zebra lamps from Formia lift my inspiration level.

Haven’t the heart to do a room in zebra print need not deter the zebra-loving soul…Zebra Striped Mug from Cafe Press. Only $18.00

Well, if you love zebras then bring your baby into the world with style. This pink and brown baby girl Zebra Crib Bedding is Made in the USA by Carousel Designs.

Damask rug found on eBay.

And while I’m still trying to decide how to wear my white jeans after Labor Day I may pop out this BluMarine Zebra trench coat from Fall 2010.

Love for zebra print and this furry handbag.

And lastly, always consider adding the indomitable animal to your walls in the form of great artwork or prints…Here Zebra Stripes by momof4boyoboys. Print available.
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Small Apartment Designs

A small apartment need not lack sophistication and elegance. If you live alone in a tinier space making it warm and inviting for yourself is of great importance. The key is to keep a small space clutter free, which can be hard with little storage space, but if you can find a way it will be worth it. Stick to soft light color schemes to keep your small space fresh and bright. Here are a few more ideas to consider. Enjoy.

A small loft space can be divided easily by using storage as the “wall.” High free standing book shelves like these are ideal and placing a bedroom dresser next to it gives you the bedroom storage that you need for essentials. Love the clean, fresh feel this space brings. And everything is organized and accessible.

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a downer as you can see here. A back-splash of bright color bring it to life. Again, keeping counter space neat and clutter-free sets off this small space.

A white color scheme works great in a small space. Contrast with dark furniture and a small carpet, and remember to add a splash of bright color somewhere, as we see here with the flower arrangements.

I find small apartments cozy and fun. They are certainly not the place for over-stuffed furniture, as comfy as that might be. We experienced a problem not too long ago finding furniture for a small room like this one. The living rooms tend to run big sized lately, so we settled on a similar look as this. It kept the room fresh and alive and easy to walk around in.

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