Falling Leaves

I love the soft presence of leaves in decor and design, and even in cooking.

Fall leaves have the most unique scent, one that cannot be duplicated. The ground gets a bit heavy, anticipating the arrival of future snows and the leaves offer shelter and preservation to the delicate growth now in hibernation.

Add a little leaf to your decorating options to bring a taste of autumn into your home. Above, Maple Leaf Wall Decor from Home and Garden Products.com

Leaf tiles via Houzz.com

Brown Leaf Cupcakes for a unique Thanksgiving delight…via Party Cupcake Ideas.com

Fall Leaf candles will add a beautiful touch anywhere. $2.98 at Bridalstar

Fall in Love Scented Leaf Soaps promise to give the scent of falling leaves…they make a wonder gift.  (Or in guest powder room!). Via Weddinglands.com

I always make leaves for my pumpkin pies…but nothing like this artistic wonder! Had to save this picture just for inspiration for a great cooking and recipes site called The Heritage Cook.

Have a wonderful Fall weekend!


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