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New Feature – Apartments We Like

Are you presently living in a wonderfully designed space that you are proud of? Would you like to share it with the world?

I would love to feature your creative living space here at Apartments i Like Blog! Click on the Apartments We Like page here or above for more information and the e-mail where I can be reached. You do not have to disclose any personal information or residence’s exact location, just your city or state would be fine. You can feature just one room, or many, or a specific area of your apartment that you love. I will also link to your website or blog that you provide.  Designers welcome.

Apartments are our thing and we’d love to feature creative people and designers who would love to network more. Consider sharing.

[image above via Garden]

Blue and Pink Decor

Dare we be so bold?  Why not step up your apartment’s vibe, or lack there-of, and try some less traditional color choices. I’m a true lover of pink decor, when it’s done right, and blue with it adds a brilliant contrast. Love the retro feel in the photo above.  (All photos in this post via Apartment Therapy.)

Pink wallpaper…with a blue touch, so simple, so lovely.

George Quilt from Zara Home

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Lovely Thankgiving Tables

Hope you find design inspiration for your Thanksgiving table…something new and fresh.  And be thankful always for family and friends to share this time with.

All images via Apartment Therapy, Martha Stewart, and Dwellstudio.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feeling a Bit Green

Feeling a bit green today…not sure why. Maybe with the sun shining a bit in the office window lighting up the fichus tree and the fern below it casting strange and beautiful shadows on the floor and a glow of fresh green into the room…maybe that’s the reason. It’s almost spring-like. Anyway, feeling a bit green and found some lovely green decor to share today. Happy Monday! (uh, is there such a thing?) Green bathroom via

Love this vintage inspired bedroom from Dekris Design.

Bright and green. This modern living room seals the deal. Home Decor Arcade

You can’t go wrong with green in a kids room. The options are endless. Love this modern kid’s room design via House Maintain

I’ve had green in my kitchen, but nothing like this. Pale green with pale blue and ivory. The sky ceiling is to die for. Image by Carrie Russel for Washington Spaces, an online magazine that is out of business now, unfortunately.

Hope your feeling a bit green now, and that it’s a good thing.

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Bourdeaux Color for Fall

The deep color of bourdeaux need not be a challenge to design with. It is a great contrasting color that goes with other bright colors, as well as muted tones of white, gray or beige. Sometimes I get this color confused with burgundy, which seems to take on a deeper purple shade upon research, but not always. Then there’s maroon…a whole other color story! For this post, I feature hues of burgundy and what I call bourdeaux. This image and next via Coco+Kelley

via Apartment Therapy

Chaise via Pre-Retail Trading Outlet

Murano glass Chandelier. Image via Apartment Therapy.

Ah, the perfect end to a Bourdeaux filled day.

Care to share a glass?



Grape Decor for Your Apartment

Inspired by fruit today, I’ve tried to find some interesting grape decor for your apartment. In our old house we had a large trellised grape vine in the back yard. It’s not as romantic as it sounds. It was a huge maintenance undertaking if you wanted it to look nice and yield some beloved grapes for cooking, jams, or wine making. But it smelled wonderful in the summer, and offered a cozy shaded spot to sit under and read a book or play with the children.  I have to say I miss it now. And I’m still in love with grape designs for home decor. This wine rack, sconces, and shelf would be delightful on a dining room wall. Via 

Grape dinnerware from Bacchus Cellars.

Grape Plaque set via K

I have a few bunches of frosted grape decorations that I keep with all the Christmas decor, but really they could be used for any holiday. My grapes look just like these which I found on flickr.

So don’t limit yourself with decorating choices. Think of grape decor for your apartment when wanting something new and homey feeling.

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The Glamour of Tiled Bathrooms

The Glamour of tiled bathrooms is coming back, in a big way.

You may find the perfect apartment, perhaps in an old Victorian house, and love all the special vintage details like glass door knobs, hard wood floors, mantles, sconces – all possibilities, and what’s more you might find a tiled kitchen or bathroom. Some of these old tiled baths can be tricky to adjust to in appearance. But with some progressive and modern design appeal, a vintage bathroom can be quite glamorous.

Here and below photos feature subway tiles. Simple and classic and easy to clean.

I absolutely love the color choices here, masculine and feminine and very chic. Just because the tile is black and white doesn’t mean the entire bathroom has to be. Hope the ideas presented here will give you some design options for the glamour of tiled bathrooms. All images via Apartment Therapy.

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Creative Loft Living

Decorating a huge open space need not be a headache filled challenge when you look at some creative loft living ideas.  This Manhattan loft is owned by NY based photographer Alexander Deutsch.  Love the simplicity, the metallic feel and color choices. For more on his inspiration see Loft Life
photos: Tom Acherman

My favorite apartment is the loft. I love the openness, the free feeling of being in such a wide space. Here this converted loft apartment sports a clean white feel, with a sharp contrasting piece to catch the eye. Photo via

If you are fortunate enough to find a loft with brick walls exposed, the decor options are creatively endless.  Love this creative loft design, the deep yet fresh color choices and the lighting ideas. Via Interior Magz

Here is a more intimate interior loft design. Fresh, soft, yet modern furnishings with high contrasting color choices for walls give this loft space a comfortable feel. Photo via

Creative loft living design treatment by SohoArc.
This photo and next via Studio Loft Living|SG Livingpod

Could not resist this spiral staircase wall decal (as I featured in an earlier post!) Hope the ideas here make creative loft living an interesting option in your apartment choices.

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Apple Decor For Your Doylestown Apartment


I know it’s still pumpkin season, but the almighty apple still shares the reins for Autumn in my book…and kitchen. Why not consider some apple decor options for you Doylestown apartment?  Right now my place is full of pumpkins, a few still of the natural nature, and hopefully not over-ripening, and some of the synthetic nature. But now I’m considering going Apple!
photo above via Southern

The warmth of these Apple Candles with bring life to your Doylestown apartment when featured on the dining table, counters, coffee table or any side-table. Photo via Apartment Therapy.

Everyone knows compost is great for the garden, but you can’t always keep those heaping left-overs around too long, and heading out to the compost heap is not always easy to do, so here’s a lovely option. The Apple Compost Crock. It’s so pretty and can be kept on your counter as decor. Inside features a carbon filter to keep odors at bay until you empty. I just like the container, period.
photo via Apartment Therapy.

More for you Doylestown apartment kitchen – the perfect paper towel holder with sturdy apple design and a matching Apple dish drainer.  Love these! from

Although this image is showing a wedding table, I want to use it in two weeks for my Thanksgiving feast…an arrangement of apples on the table will be lovely and refreshing for any dinner party. Use reds, greens, and yellow apples for full pleasure.  photo via My Biggest Day

Hope you find inspiration in apple decor for your Doylestown apartment. Any big Thanksgiving decorating plans to share?

Eclectic Interest

Quite an eclectic mix of style and antique wonders bleeds to the artistic in Liza Sherman’s apartment in Manhattan. The legendary antiques dealer is sharp, confident woman, possessing a quirkiness of a woman half her age. Her living space features an Italian daybed with burlap upholstery, a 1950s Hollywood style light, and a train rail cart as a cocktail table.

Photos: Simon Upton for Elle Decor.

Lisa Sherman in her antique shop in New York. Quote: “If I have to explain it, you’ve lost me.”   Online shop here

Her study features a French banner, a floating chair!, a 1940s French floor lamp and a vintage 1950s metal spring chair.  Eclecticism at its finest. Of decor style Sherman says, “I don’t decorate. I see objects and furniture as shapes, lines, and forms,” and that, “Perfect surfaces don’t interest me.”

Sherman’s master bedroom displays a portrait by Liam Ritt, the fireplace mantle serves as a headboard for the bed, a dresser from India along with framed 1920s bathing suits.

For more on this talented woman see the Elle Decor article.