Feeling a Bit Green

Feeling a bit green today…not sure why. Maybe with the sun shining a bit in the office window lighting up the fichus tree and the fern below it casting strange and beautiful shadows on the floor and a glow of fresh green into the room…maybe that’s the reason. It’s almost spring-like. Anyway, feeling a bit green and found some lovely green decor to share today. Happy Monday! (uh, is there such a thing?) Green bathroom via Kagozi.com

Love this vintage inspired bedroom from Dekris Design.

Bright and green. This modern living room seals the deal. Home Decor Arcade

You can’t go wrong with green in a kids room. The options are endless. Love this modern kid’s room design via House Maintain

I’ve had green in my kitchen, but nothing like this. Pale green with pale blue and ivory. The sky ceiling is to die for. Image by Carrie Russel for Washington Spaces, an online magazine that is out of business now, unfortunately.

Hope your feeling a bit green now, and that it’s a good thing.

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