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The Dressing Room Closet

Why not make that small extra room a dressing room closet?

Style Crush: Bierly-Drake

Beautiful stylish rooms!

style theories

I have had one big style crush on Boston-based design firm Bierly & Drake for as long as I can remember.  They have such a sophisticated aesthetic that somehow still looks youthful and fun. They embrace traditional elements from the past with a modern twist. It is easy to see why they have won countless awards and have been featured in millions of publications… their work is truly divine!

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Chameleon Interiors // Bierly Drake

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Creative Dining for Scranton Pa. Apartments

For Monday I’m exploring some creative dining spaces for Scranton Pa. Apartments.  Or any apartments of course! These ideas are infused with color. They add brightness and show a unique spirit when living in Scranton Pa.

The chairs and table above, all different and of different colors, add a youthful feel, yet are very adult. Getting chairs at yard sales and flea markets and different paint colors make this an easy and spirited apartment dining space idea.

Going deep and fabulous! In this unique pink for your Scranton Pa. apartments.

Mean and green and ultra modern…green, gray and white add a soothing touch to your Scranton Pa. apartments.

Blue and orange statements give a lovely feel to this grand living space. Love to see that glass top tables are making a come-back!

This is considered a Christmas table via Dining Room Design, but I love the color choices here for other occasions as well.

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Lorraine, Your Realtor

We hear this all the time, especially with the current economic state. There are many factors that come into play with this scenario, not just the current economic state. Buying versus renting has been a hot topic, often debated and various opinions are reputable; but, what applies to your situation? This is a good question. There are various  conditions you should consider before considering buying or renting. What are the advantages, disadvantages, current economic standing, jobs, job stability, budget, income, children/no children, location, distance, maintenance/responsibility of a home,  pets, the list goes on and on. I’ve pulled up a few reputable articles for some guidelines. The one thing to keep in mind is everyone’s situation varies, you must know what your limitations are, especially your budget. Rentals are in high demand as of lately, so many mortgage payments, depending on the size of the home, are relatively even, if not…

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Scranton Pa. Apartments – White and Turquoise Living

Your new Scranton Pa. apartment can be refreshing and lovely by selecting bright new color choices – like white and turquoise. It’s a daring move, I know, and not for the faint decorator’s heart. This living room above is both bold and relaxing. The dark furniture contrasts the space and the patterned sheers and carpet bring it together. Scranton Pa. apartment listings.

A white bedroom in your Scranton Pa. apartment can easily be given a boost with touches of aqua and turquoise.

The ease of Shabby Chic style using mainly turquoise and white can make a small room in your Scranton Pa. apartment glow with life and welcoming comfort. Grab a book and curl up next to the window.

Simple touch of turquoise in a white on white bedroom. Beautiful.

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Vintage Interior

Vintage interior photo circa 1964 or so. Who’s afraid of orange and chartreuse, huh?

The Unique and the Colorful

The unique and the colorful interior inspiration from Kube by Linea Italia.

Just adding a touch of color to a white room…classic and lovely use of color.

Cool colorful kitchen featuring Fiestaware – Made in the USA!!

Color interior expression by Barbara Bestor of Bestor Architecture.

Add color furnishings to the coolest of white rooms to bring unique comfort and creativity. Love the mix of vintage with modern here.

The perfect modern apartment kitchen…with color!

Scranton Pa. Apartments – Shabby Chic Style

The Shabby Chic style trend is growing even more popular, and when moving into one of the many lovely  Scranton Pa. apartments, why not consider this soft, welcoming style when decorating your new place. The following are some lovely design ideas and options to make a Scranton Pa. apartment classic and comfortable.

The Scranton Pa. apartments lifestyle calls for a cool, comfortable and fresh style of life. Shabby Chic is all about creating an inviting space to sit down and tuck up your feet, sip some chai latte after your yoga class, have nice conversations with friends. I love the vintage shabby feel to this room. Soft, yet colorful.

Is it shabby or chic? The rustic feel of this room can be easily created in a Scranton Pa. apartment.  Antique or flea market finds add strange appeal to an older space. Not a flower print person, yet find myself drawn to this room. To walk on those floorboards, to look out those windows…

A few simple touches can turn ordinary Scranton Pa. apartments into exotically styled spaces. Try a loose-fit slipcover over a chair to give a lived in comfy feel. An old door painted and speckled with vintage wallpaper makes a dull corner an interesting artistic expression. Totally chic – yet shabby!

Finally, with simple Shabby Chic touches added to your Scranton Pa. apartment, like these white curtains and the rooster ornament, ideas from an apartment in Manhattan, your new space can be elegant, chic and interesting.

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images via: I Heart Shabby ChicApartment Therapy, Manolo Home, and House Beautiful.

Cool Kids Room of the Week

The room of Reed and Delphine Krakoff’s daughter in South Hampton is a stunning and yet simple young ladies’ room. Love the color choices.
Jean Rayere sconce, Bill Blass fashion sketches, suede ottomans from Coach.

photo: William Abranowicz for  ElleDecor

Wilkes Barre Apartments – Going Green with Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Many landlords and renters of Wilkes Barre apartments are making the progressive decision of going green with eco-friendly home decor options. This is quickly becoming a more and more accessible option since many companies are selling building and home-decorating products that are organic and naturally based.

So, what actually makes a product green?

If you are considering repainting your Wilkes Barre apartment, usually the first step in redecorating, choose paints without harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). VOCs evaporate into the air and cause allergic reactions and irritating smells. Low or no-VOC paint products are now more affordable than ever. Dutch Boy is one company who makes them and is readily available at most local home improvement stores. Look for paints with the GreenGuard Certification.

New furniture for your Wilkes Barre apartment is the next going green choice to make. FSC Certified wood products guarantee that you are purchasing eco- friendly furniture. FSC products are sustainably produced.  They are usually made from re-claimed or re-cycled materials (old furniture for example) or from woods or materials that replenish easily.  Bamboo and rattan are two such materials.

What would your remodeled Wilkes Barre apartment be without new rugs? Green rugs and carpets are often made with natural plant fibers such as bamboo, jute or cotton.  Synthetic rugs are made with nylon, rayon and polyester, all by-products of plastic and definitely not bio-degradable. It has been noted that a discarded area rug made of such fibers will sit in a land-fill for over 50 years!

Hopefully going green in your Wilkes Barre apartment will be and easy and enjoyable decorating endeavor.

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images: Home z Interior and Bamboo Home Decor