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Great ideas here! What a nice job they did!

Embracing the Mundane

We finally finished our family workspace.  Well, I still need to add plants to my pots and tame the wire mess, but other than that: done!  Robert and I tossed around about 2 million ideas on this one.  In the end, we found something that we could accomplish fairly easily without braking the bank that is fun to look at and fun to work in.  It did turn out to be much more work than anticipated (what isn’t, right?) and took way longer than planned.  But we learned a ton and our marriage survived! : D


I spent some time back in Sept organizing our files and office “stuff”, but that folding table sure wasn’t pretty or big enough to meet our needs.


This actually is the eat-in area of our kitchen, but we have an island with stools as well and we eat our dinners at our…

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