Graceful Grey

Stunning grey rooms.


Who says colonial has to be traditional? Not the designer who used a touch of gray to take this Westport family home from cozy classic to sleek sophisticate.

Few talents could have managed the transformation of such a space from its suburban groundings into something so urbane, but in the hands of Mar Silver, this home in Westport reinterprets every idea of family living today. What started out as a small interior renovation for a family with two young children turned into a two-year, full transformation.

“I see everything ­architecturally first,” says Silver, a Westport-based designer. “I start by thinking about how the walls play into each other and how art is going to fit on the walls.”

For many designers, contemporizing a space would mean painting it white and eliminating most ornamentation and accessories, but for Silver it was about adding just the right color. Shades of gray in…

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