Spring into Floral Prints – Allentown Apartments

Feeling Spring? Why not step into spring-filled floral prints when pick decor for your Allentown apartment? Floral or flower printed furniture or wallpaper doesn’t mean antique or Victorian style anymore. There are beautiful modern choices in prints that bring a fresh comfortable feeling to any apartment. Hope you like some of the finds here for your Allentown apartment. I love these chairs above, color and print.

Adding some soft floral print pillows will add a nice contrast in a softly colored room like this one. Note the printed wallpaper also.

A great fresh floral touch for Allentown apartments: Amelia Sofa from Anthropologie.

I love this fresh bright Gerber Ottoman by Skyline Furniture.

More flowers…no fear…

Art in your Allentown apartment bathroom:  Beautiful sink and decor by Fratelli Branchetti.

Dive into fresh floral bedding after a long day! Poppy Flower Print bedding set by Arya. I love the bold colors.

Keep your Allentown apartment modern with this unique floral choice. Love the sleek furniture featured here.

Finally, add some wonder spring-like floral art to you Allentown apartment. Click here to order this great print.






4 responses to “Spring into Floral Prints – Allentown Apartments

  1. Reblogged this on Lorraine, Your Realtor and commented:
    I know I talked about Spring flowers the other day, but look how cute these floral patterns are for your home!

  2. I think you’ll love our Flower Power acrylic chair with its fantastic Missoni-inspired floral fabric! http://www.stylishfurnitureanddecor.com/item_221/Flower-Power-Acrylic-Club-Chair.htm

  3. Great fun florals…. love the anthropologie sofa…. a huge statement.

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