Love tons of plants indoors…give a living space unique freshness. Well worth the maintenance.

Emma Stergoulis Design

When you probe an interior stylist about the difference between a “stylist” and a “decorator”, a Stylist would generally say that they are there to finish off the work of a decorator, to warm up the space and give it a personality.  Effectively placing and introducing objects to make a space inviting, so that a house becomes a home or a business becomes a statement.

One of the tools of the trade for stylists is the introduction of flora and fauna to an indoor space to bring the feelings of the outdoors….. indoors. Just as we like to relax in a beautiful garden, bringing the elements of the outdoors inside helps us to relax indoors too. Recent studies by University of Technology Sydney professor Margaret Burchett have discovered that indoor air is, in some cases, more polluted than the outdoor air.  The study suggests that by adding a few indoor plants to…

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