The Gilded Age

Maybe gilded gold decor evokes images of high-brow, ultra-rich, roped off rooms (my aunt had one for years, red velvet rope and all) but the gilded age need not be such a frightening design option. Subtle hinds of gilded gold adds elegance and warmth to any room. Add one or two pieces, gold-leafed or gold painted can bring the look to your apartment. If you are heading in the French or Shabby Chic design direction, adding a gold framed mirror or artwork, or a French nightstand, as in the image above are lovely options.

Versailles gold furniture. Great style.

Love this creamy, dreamy room with gilded gold touches. Via Decor Pad.

Totally gold: French Louis furniture striking and elegant.

Lovely use of gold leaf bamboo frames in a bedroom. White bedding by Lucas Allen.

Gold touches in a foyer area.

White Hampshire Chaise with gilded gold frame. Via Hampshire Barn Interiors

3 responses to “The Gilded Age

  1. Absolutely stunning photos. The more ornate, the better, in our book.
    We especially like the golden touches in each room, being that it’s brushed gold, it makes for an antiqued look, very chic.
    ~ TDL
    P.S. – In honor of our Grand Opening of our online jewelry boutique, we’re giving away some of our most popular pieces…come on by and check it out at our blog 🙂 Good luck!

  2. chelsealeighbee

    I want every one of these rooms….

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