Striped Decor

Teal striped decor interior. Blue green walls by Skona Hem and black and white striped bedding by Marimekko.

Daring. Black and white striped carpet and throw pillows in a white room.

I love striped on the walls. Horizontal stripes add length to the room. Vertical make it appear taller. Image via Decor Pad.

Striking stripes in blue and white. From Elle Decor.

Brown and white wallpaper from York Wall Coverings.

I love this beautiful loveseat sofa from Christy Murray and Sons from Limerick, Ireland. The burgundy floral pattern and the striped would make great companions.


3 responses to “Striped Decor

  1. The wallpaper from York Wall Coverings looks so tasteful in that room. The golds, burnt orange, and greens really complement the stripes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love stripes!! Great pics – I especially LOVE the blue and white room!

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