Loft Love – The Oil Mill Loft

The Oil Mill Loft, found at, is an exquisitely luxurious loft space that is centuries old, located in Extramadura, Spain.

The building was originally constructed in the 12th century by monks. It later became an oil mill.

Due to its historic value, much of the orginal architecture was kept intact. The exposed stone and brickworks, the beams, all add to the incredible fluency of this loft space. The building was neglected for nearly two decades when the current owners took over. They hired architect Ricardo Elizondo to create this inspiring loft home. I love the furniture, the color choices in the interior’s decor, which makes this ancient space so comfortable to live in.

Something about eh blue and beige tones with the stone stops my designer’s heart. I’m simply in love with this Oil Mill Loft!

Feeling some Loft Love?


2 responses to “Loft Love – The Oil Mill Loft

  1. I want to live there. I love the way that they have let the building take centre stage and the furniture is a subtle addition. 🙂

  2. Loft homes are beautiful! The architect has done a stunning job. This kind of work requires a great vision. There are many construction consultants that provide excellent advise, one such consultant that I came across in the recent pass was –

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