Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Style

Being creative with Shabby Chic style in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments can be a fun endeavor. Little touches of carved mirrors, unique tables, and cushiony furniture, even in a small room, will bring this chic design home.

An old Victorian bathroom in Wilkes Barre Pa apartments is perfect for Shabby chic style decor options. Adding soft curtains around tub, creative ironworks, and softer feminine touches make a long hot bath with a cool glass of wine a most welcoming experience.

A nice touch to a Wilkes Barre Pa apartments bedroom is an antique writing desk with pretty chair. Simple, white, and totally chic.

Many Wilkes Barre Pa apartments feature dining room spaces. Shabby chic style decor is beautiful in the eating area.  A soft draping table cloth, pillows on chairs, and of course, a chandelier, complete this gorgeous shabby chic room.

A perfect addition to a corner of Wilkes Barre Pa apartments: A French shabby chic table and chair. Visiting local flea markets and antique sales for interesting pieces to add to your decor.

Elegant, romantic, with a touch of vintage appeal, this gorgeous Shabby Chic minimalist canopy bed would be perfect in the bedroom space of Wilkes Barre Pa apartments. To get the look: a marshmallow fluffy comforter, pillows upon pillows, all in crisp white. Crystal chandelier is a nice romantic touch.

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3 responses to “Wilkes Barre Pa Apartments – Shabby Chic Style

  1. chelsealeighbee

    that bathroom is out of hand!!

  2. I never thought a tub-style chair would go with such a genteel and delicate desk but it does look quite balanced.

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