French Country Bedrooms

Looking for a way to make your apartment bedroom soft and romantic? Why not go with a French country bedroom design? The airy lightness that this decor option gives if comforting and welcoming, as well as a pick for romance. Get your pillows and petticoats out.

My love for iron work abounds with this French country bed and bedding. French country gives a soft glowing buttery feel to the space with pale and muted colors often the choice.

Here I love the shades of ivory with French white furniture.

A small apartment bedroom can look beautifully light with pale sage, rose and ivory colors with a lovely French wood daybed.

Pretty and green. This French country guest room is soft, fresh and light. Love the little nightstand. So chic. Love French country design for apartment bedrooms.

One response to “French Country Bedrooms

  1. Hi I love your pictures of French country bedrooms – especially picture 3 (the double bed with french ivory white furniture). Where can I get this picture from for use on my facebook page as an example of the style that my company represents? I look forward to your response.

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