Mellow and Yellow Sun-filled Kitchens

via Homes Design

Love the floating shelves in the gorgeous yellow walls.

Mac-n-cheese yellow cabinets make this apartment kitchen sun-filled and fresh.

Small apartment kitchen is bright and sunny with yellow, and more yellow.

I love this vintage yellow on yellow apartment kitchen. Tiny, but so unique and pretty.

5 responses to “Mellow and Yellow Sun-filled Kitchens

  1. chelsealeighbee

    Yellow is supposed to make you hungry! Notice it’s in almost every fast food logo?

  2. Superb pictures!! People don’t yet have an idea how colours can improve their lives, and when it comes to Kitchens colours have a remarkable effect on appetite, your article wonderfully depicts how we can use different colour schemes in kitchens not only to make them look beautiful but also to harness the positive effects they have on our lives.

  3. After watching these awesome pics I am having second thoughts on my kitchen colour. I have tried white and blue. Though these colours give very soothing effect on nerves but yellow is a vibrant colour. The next time I redo my kitchen I am definitely going for a yellow kitchen.

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