Glass Interior Walls

Glass interior walls are a wonderful way to open up a small space. I’m fascinated with the idea. Of course, this isn’t an option with supporting walls, but other interior wall, such as the wall in Brooklyn apartment hallway makes the space open and refreshing.

Not in need of bedroom privacy? Perfect for a single person or a couple.

Glass walls partially enclose this kitchen space. It still looks open, but the walls will block out some of the kitchen noises in this apartment.

Vintage look tub in glass walled bathing area. Bikes and guitars optional.

And who wouldn’t love this open glass wall in a top floor apartment space? Love the cool Shabby Chic feel in the decor. A bit of a fish-bowl feel, but who would see you way up there?

3 responses to “Glass Interior Walls

  1. Not sure about this at all. They seem kind of pointles; if they aren’t supporting anything or providing privacy, why bother? And the walled in bathtub creeps be out a bit for some reason. Are you actually supposed to bath in there, or is it just bathtub as art?

    I *do* really like that last one with the ceiling. How fantastic would that been when it rains?

  2. I love that wall in the last photo. It adds so much depth to the space. Plus, the sunlight is like a design element on its own. As usual, I had a pinning frenzy with this post.

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