Facebook Dilemma

I’m in need of advice.

I usually hit Facebook every week and give updates of the blog and “like” some people I follow etc. but today I cannot log into my facebook account without giving a cell phone number (they say it’s for security reasons). Since this account is for the business, and we don’t use a cell phone for the business but
a regular phone line, I’m at a loss, since they want to sent a text with some code to say it’s okay for me to use my facebook page.

I do not wish to use my own personal cell phone number for the business, plus
I have my own personal facebook account linked with it so it would be impossible anyway. In addition to this: Why do they need to collect cell phone numbers???? It seems like more and more our privacy is being taken away. I think that facebook is officially dead for Apartments i Like.

Does anyone have any advice for me on this issue?  It would be greatly appreciated.

Apartments i Like writer and associate

2 responses to “Facebook Dilemma

  1. That does not sound right! Have you heard back from anyone else? I had to do that for my old hotmail account the other day because I was hacked:( but that seems drastically different….

  2. Facebook account was removed! Seriously, I didn’t do a thing, just perhaps didn’t use it quite enough. Anyway, I’ve lost my faith in Facebook. Clearly they have problems with “fake” people with accounts that they can’t control, so much so that they remove “real” people in the process. The heck with them! Thanks for the note.

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