Great post on the meaning of color in your life and your surroundings.


When choosing wall colors, color psychology is a good thing to keep in mind. The way that color affects our mood, emotions, physical being and even appetite is remarkable and worth noting for design decisions.

Lets start with the neutrals:

  • BLACK: sophistication, elegance, drama, power, prestige. Also associated with death, mourning, and serious or formal occasions.
  • GREY: calm, understated confidence, clean and crisp.
  • BROWN: earthy, reassuring, safe, stabilizing, welcoming and rustic.
  • WHITE: airy, pure, clear, serene, crisp freshness; can come off as sterile or high maintenance.

Moving on to colors:

  • RED: power, passion, stimulates appetite, warmth, comfort, energy, stimulates conversation, draws people together. Actually brings up your heart rate.
  • PINK: feminine, soothing, comforting, sweet, fresh.
  • ORANGE: energy, excitement, enthusiasm, power, spiritual connection.
  • YELLOW: optimistic, life-affirming, communicates happiness, energizing, stimulates our mind, body and emotions. Saturated versions can make you feel cranky.
  • GREEN: nature…

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  1. Planned Spontaneity

    Very interesting…I love reading about how color affects mood–it makes such a difference!

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