Love the gilded…

House Appeal

“Gilded” inspirations. The allure of interiors layered in decoration of golden hue is timeless and seasonless…

The definition of the word “Gild” is “To cover with or as if with a layer of gold” and “To give an often deceptively attractive or improved appearance to”. Of interest, it is also described as “To adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful” or “To make superfluous additions to what is already complete”. Very interesting, indeed. Who knew? Taken from the Middle English word“Gilden” and from the Old English word with Indo-European roots, “Ghelden”, the word “Gild” or “Gilded” also references “Having the deep, slightly brownish color of gold” and “Long aureate (or golden) hair”, “A gold carpet”, gilt, golden, aureate and gold. In addition, the process of “Gilding”, the smooth and rhythmical art that involves lifting delicate gold leaf paper and layering it is…

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