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Creating a Wall Gallery – Bucks County Houses

Art-Gallery-Wall-Ideas-18-1-Kindesign with couchI get so confused when it comes to displaying art on a wall in Bucks County Houses, especially in a gallery type display. I plan it out on the floor, but by the time it comes to tapping  in that first nail I lose faith in my layout, pack up the art and save it for another day. Thus, empty walls are my friend. But these images renew my faith in hanging wall art in Bucks County Houses.

gallery-wall-frame-wall 3

A long wall can be overwhelming in Bucks County Houses, but images of similar design, size and with duplicate frames and matting stand out to perfection.

wall gallery design

Follow these simple design layouts for any room in your Bucks County Houses. One of the coolest ideas I love: Standing framed art on floating shelves.



art-group-mozi mag wall gallery

art-display-vincente-wolf 4

Finishing off different rooms in your Bucks County Houses with similar wall gallery art arrangements makes a statement, creating a filled wall that is neat and full of interest.

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Shabby Chic and Art

shabby chic and art

Enhance you decor with a Shabby Chic design and add art to make you living space unique and interesting. Great pieces can be found at garage sales or flea markets. When in doubt, paint it white!

shabby chic and art 2

chabby chic and art 3

Found this picture before for a post, but it so shows how Shabby chic decor and art go together.

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Perfect, colourful bedroom

Love this cute and simple yet creative bedroom decor concept!

Brick Wall Interiors

Elegant-Living-Room-with-Exposed-Brick-Wall-DesignA brick wall interior in your apartment is a great find. It makes a space perfect with little enhancement. A brick wall is like a giant piece of art in your room. Image via Busydoor.com


brick wall 2Visit Apartmentstolike.com


Art for Your Apartment – Architecture Prints


Searching for interesting art for your apartment? Why not go with beautiful architecture prints by fresh artists? Click images for links to these creative architectural photography prints on Deviant Art. Prints available at reasonable prices.


Wall Art

Tips on Moving Artwork

When it comes to moving artwork, preventing damage and getting the treasured piece to your new apartment or home is no small task. Depending on the number of pieces you own, antique art, family heirlooms, or new framed prints that express your personality, taking one day to care for these pieces and prepare them for a move will save you time and potential heartbreak in the future.

Paintings need special care when moving. Antique pieces or heavily framed ones will require efforts to prevent scratching and damage from the possibility of careless hands dropping them, or damage from being shoved into the moving vehicle. Coming in contact with other objects can crack frames, puncture canvases, flake paint pigments on artwork surface. To avoid serious damage I recommend first to wrap the entire painting in a soft cloth or blanket.

Next, bubble wrap is your best friend…and your artwork’s!

Be generous with the wrap, and make sure to use it in both directions on the painting, making extra sure to give the corners extra bubble coverage. Be sure to move paintings together and give them their own space in the moving van or truck, without the possibility of furniture falling against them.

Moving prints are another matter. If relocating one that is framed and covered in glass, which protects the art print, you have to take extra precautions to prevent serious damage. Broken glass can be trouble, not only in cleaning up aspects, and possible injury results, but broken glass often damages the print itself.

To prevent shards of broken glass from puncturing you print, place a checkerboard of blue painter’s tape in a grid over the glass from end to end. This protects the artwork should the glass break by helping you to easily lift off the shards without having them harm the photo print. This also will save your hands from cuts and injuries with handling broken glass. The painter’s tape is easy to remove once your artwork has been successfully transported to its new home. Remember to double bubble wrap glass framed prints also.

If you have artwork that is worth a significant amount of money, insurance is recommended. Get a certified appraisal to protect your antique art.

Remember to take the time and follow these easy steps to prevent loss or damage of your treasured artworks when moving into your new apartment.

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New York Apartment Decor – Room of the Week

Love this spacious New York apartment living room found at Elle Decor. This room features a painting by Takashi Murakami, which just makes me smile, a retro look cocktail table by Guy de Rougemont, and a pair of beautiful Leleu bergeres.

Color the walls activity fun for a happy abode

Oh man, I want to be a kid again and beg my parents for this! Never mind, I think I want it now!


As spring enters it brings with it the anticipation of the brighter days to come. The flowers start to bloom with exciting colors. This is the time of year to have fun with the decor, emulating the beautiful color fun that we see outside.

What better way to have a good time with color than to take out the crayons and magic markers and get lost in coloring fun.

  • The guilty pleasures of a coloring book are evident as adults use the children in their lives to steal moments to take the crayons out and join in the coloring fun. Young children express themselves in color with their imaginative drawings.

The walls in the abode are blank canvases ready to be colored in. Now you can literally color in your walls with the help of some cool wall coverings.

  • “Jon Burgerman is one of the prominent key artists who traverse…

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I love Antiques….

…and Two Cherubs Antiques has some beautiful pieces. Honestly, I cannot stop looking. Check it out.

Happy New Year Everyone!