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Pale Pink Interiors

pale pinkPale pink interiors speak of softness, romance and comfort…when done in the right way. Consider pale pinks in your apartment to create a warm, inviting space that is pleasurable to live in. Image above via ehomee.com

pale pink wallsVia megbiram.com

pale pink decorMore about pale pink at lushome.com.

Great Decorations for the 4th!

DIY Chic Home

Decor with Denim

I’ve been curious about decor with denim for a while now. I especially love walls that look like jean material…is that done with paint or wallpaper? The shade of denim are endless, and if you’re going blue with your room interior design, adding some denim appeal give it a nice casual, yet crisp feel. Above pic via Ralph Lauren.

If you  don’t want to hassle with wallpaper, denim wall can be created relatively easily with paint, and a nifty wall paper brush. After picking your desired shade of denim roll it on the wall. Immediately after rolling, while paint is still quite wet, take the wall paper brush and stroke horizontally, then brush vertically to create the neat cross-hatched pattern that is recognized in denim jeans. A do-it-yourself idea that’s so simple I think I can even do this!

Here are some more denim decor ideas. Enjoy!

Splashes of soft denim color in curtains and the sofa. Elle Decor photo.

Add to your apartment a sweet little denim couch with tons of denim throw pillows for a comfy style. Martha Stewart photo.

Kartell armchair in jean denim. Sleek and modern. I love it!

Dare to go dramatically denim blue in your kitchen? There are some perks to it. According to color theories, adding blue in your kitchen actually reduces your appetite, thus making dieting easier. (Reds and oranges enhance appetite).

Denim and white in the bedroom is fresh and lovely and give a cool feel in summer months.


Great ideas here! What a nice job they did!

Embracing the Mundane

We finally finished our family workspace.  Well, I still need to add plants to my pots and tame the wire mess, but other than that: done!  Robert and I tossed around about 2 million ideas on this one.  In the end, we found something that we could accomplish fairly easily without braking the bank that is fun to look at and fun to work in.  It did turn out to be much more work than anticipated (what isn’t, right?) and took way longer than planned.  But we learned a ton and our marriage survived! : D


I spent some time back in Sept organizing our files and office “stuff”, but that folding table sure wasn’t pretty or big enough to meet our needs.


This actually is the eat-in area of our kitchen, but we have an island with stools as well and we eat our dinners at our…

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